At Waste Not, we don’t see ‘waste’. We see a wasted opportunity to deliver environmental and economic benefits to our communities in northern Australia. We provide an organic waste management system that builds resilient regional communities, and their economies, not landfill.

Currently northern Australia is woefully underserviced in regards to organic waste management. The majority of organic waste is landfilled.

Landfilling organic waste is extremely problematic. It reduces landfill capacity, generates greenhouse gases and contaminating leachate and represents a loss of valuable nutrients and organic matter. It is also a lost opportunity for job creation and economic development.

Waste Not aims empowers regional communities in northern Australia to better manage their organic waste, protect their environment, and build their economies through the creation of high-value products, jobs and industry diversification.

How do we achieve this? We’ve take an innovative approach, inspired by natures own nutrient recycling processors – insects!

Primarily, we farm the Black Soldier Fly (BSF). The BSF are a non-pest, naturalized species of fly. They only feed whilst in their larval stage, making the larvae voracious consumers of a wide-range of organic wastes. BSF farming involves feeding the organic waste to the BSF larvae, and then harvesting the larvae when they are at their nutritional peak.

On average the larvae are 40% protein and 30% fat, making them valuable sources of nutrition and energy. Approved for use in aquaculture and poultry diets, they can be fed live as an enriching , nutritious treat, or processed into protein-meal and bio-oil feed ingredients. Another by-product is a nutrient balanced organic fertilizer.